Saturday, April 12, 2008

Advocacy Day Two - Wimberley TX

Dory read the letter that started all of the brew-haha regarding the make-up of the TEKS committee. Unfortunately, the letter was quite lengthy and not provide a clear path towards the response that we need to make in reference to this letter.

The TEKS didn't drive student achievement. Writing Next shows that separating grammar from writing. We uploaded beginning data for an annotated bibliography to google docs.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Advocacy breakout TXNWP - Wimberley

Cynthia read the letter that Pat Jacoby referenced in her teleconference with the TXNWP at 10:00 a.m. this morning.

Discussion: Well written letter. Easier to access using a separation of grammar and writing. Separate strands. January 4th & 5th work groups worked to blend the two, but on March 13/14 the two were separated.

Texas Writing Project Spring Meeting

Dory is trying to help connect the collaboration of state and regional networks. We have a state network with a pamphlet that might need to be updated. We need to revisit the accessability of resources for SI's and TC's of the frameworks.

We need to make better use of the strength of our network. Partly this is because we have a new director and allow them to find their role and relationships with people.

What can we most effectively do at the state level.

Leslie Patterson discussed the TEKS revision process with TEA and other work groups were appointed to "TEK TWEEKING", if you they are going to NOT follow this process, but rewrite the TEKS. This has been a polorizing process who wants to separate the grammar/writing, to have phonics the focus into the forefront and then add comprehension at 3rd grade. The whole comprehension strand is left out. Zero specialists from ELL populations are included. One African-American researcher is included. Pat Jacoby has been instrumental in trying to revise with consciencousness and TECLA, NJWP, and NWP are all involved. Testimony, overwhelmingly, was presented that the connections between the reading/writing/comprehension link. The revision process will continue throu April, and the final draft will be posted in the Open Register with the final vote in May. Geraldine Miller is the swing-vote. She is our "friend". Try and increase the phonics base, professionals incorporate using a balanced, child-centered approach. We need to tailor instruction to meet the learner. There are state board elections coming up, too. Ten years is a long time to live with the effects that will be voted on in a couple of months.

Pat Jacoby talking of Table of contents-look side by side. In red is what is deleted and what was changed. Reading K-3: Made 4 changes, they have some knowledge and skill statements that were K only, Fluency in High Frequency word lists has a "range. Accuracy and decoding in the "monitors using syntax and visual information"...monitor using decoding, syntax and visual information. Not alot of changes will be made. Reading: deleted vocabulary strand; and vertically aligned the vocabulary. Fluency was taken out of K-3 because it needs to extend through 8. Added comprehension. Add whole section on comprehension, big debate about any process skills do not want any of this in the changes.

Writing: Ms. Roe to move writing separate--followed with research. Huge divide between reading/writing. A coalition recommendation backs the connection of the two. We need a research based bibliography, small articles to build background knowledge. A strong recommendation will be sent directly to the committee. A "position statement". Look at the region strand and tweek that has a gap or something that is a little out of place. Only try and tweek the product.

Need: Position statement with numbers of teachers who are involved in training. Regional Meetings in Houston, but Dallas/FW need revisions to come through those regional meetings. Immediately by April 18th on website...

Be sure that we send our appreciation notes to those who are supporting our cause. Scott mentioned that we need to submit written statements to add to the meetings. Lucinda suggested that we have the list of the committee members. It is listed on the TCTELA.

Local Sites Research initiative (LSRI) $grants awarded and culturally remedial writing initiatives. Stated within the site and had an advanced course to see how reading is mediated to ELL learners. Lesson plans, observations, 4 high schools, 2 middle schools, lots of data. Collecting qualitative and quantitative data. Connecting academic and life writing.

What will this tool, BLOG, be used to do? What is its purpose? Why use it?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Midwinter Conference Presentation

This link will take you to my teaching presentation from the Midwinter Conference here:

More resources will be coming soon!

Joyce :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Long Time Overdue

I have been remiss in journaling and I intend to improve that. Today I presented at a 4th grade writing camp at South Hills Elementary in FWISD. It is always enlightening to see where other writer's are on the continuum, and we, as a district, have so very far to go...but I see progress--progress pockets, at least.

I am looking forward to a respite with my husband and daughter this weekend...cha-ching go the coins as I win BIG in Shreveport... :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pat's Lesson

My Dad and I twisting to Chubby Checkers
Come on let’s twist again
Come on and twist again would echo through the house
Like we did last summer
My Dad was an excellent snapper—I tried and tried to snap like he could
Come on let’s twist again
We would dance until my mother would send the dog into the room with a note shoved in his collar
Like we did last year
Telling us to STOP and come eat dinner
Do you remember when, things were really hummin’?
Boy, I hated to stop
Come on let’s twist again, like we did last year…

Monday, July 30, 2007

My Name Is Joyce...

My name is Joyce, which I was lead to believe was French and meant joyful, but after looking today, it appears it is English AND means Little Lord. Hummmm…I don’t know about this Little Lord business! Do they not realize this royal being is used to being the Queen? Little Lord—no, the Bahama Mama maybe or Tahiti Mimi (most definitely).

If my name were a number, it would be my favorite number 8. Eight is an infinity symbol when you turn it on it’s side. I like that; never ending. My name is connected to my grandmother and even though she isn’t on earth anymore, I still feel her loving me—never ending. If my name were a color, it would have to be a shade of pink. My world is pink. Love pink…didn’t so much when I was younger, but now, the world revolves around pink. My notepad says it is “an attitude”. I believe it.

My name was chosen by my grandmother, which has so much significance in my life, which will unfold as I tell you about my name. Joyce if French and means, well, Joyful. My grandmother chose the name and my mother liked it. Like my name, I was chosen. I heard all my life that my mother carried me in her heart for 9 months, instead of under it like all of my friends. At five, I had no idea what that meant, but I knew I was special.

Not only did my Grandmother help my mother choose my name, but we shared the same birthday. It is not a coincidence, but a layer that added closeness to my grandmother. She would have been 100 this year, and my birthdays are not quite as rich, since she left…but I do have Bailey’s birthday one week before my birthday and Zach’s birthday one day AFTER my birthday.

People usually respond to my name by saying, “My Aunt was named Joyce.” Or, “My great-great-great-great niece was named Joyce.” Great, I think to myself, old women and dead women. You don’t hear about new births being named Joyce.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

River Legacy Voice Thread Slideshow

Here is the link to my River Legacy Experience...I'm not as advanced as Janelle or Master Scott, but I was able to add written comments...great fun!

Joyce :)